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07.11.2016 11:34

Be careful when you want to take Winstrol because there are a lot of fake winstrol pills for sale, always take advice before you buy.

It is easy to recognise the original and right winstrol cycle for sale on the basis of its unusual production form. At first glance it is about the mix of the content: milk white, watery liquid, which yet has some peculiarities. So, when you buy winstrol online you can easily notice that the active substance is separated by a watery solution.

If the Winstrol is in an injectable form and stands still on the table for several hours, the active substance is gathered and becomes noticeable as a white layer at the bottom of glass. It can be mixed with the watery liquid, which has already become transparent by the time, just by gently shaking the ampoule.

There usually precipitates a white layer approximate to 1cm high in size within an ampoule containing 1 ml of suspension and there is approx 50mg of Winstrol dissolved in it. An athlete can easily establish if he wants to buy winstrol tablets if it is really original Winstrol with stanozolol, or whether it is something with a less dose of active substance.

In any case you should only buy any winstrol cycle for sale which contains more than 1 ml of suspension, as original injectable Winstrol is only in 1 ml glass ampoules. The first oral winstrol pills for sale where Spanish by the company Zambon which produced very nice Winstrol indeed. There was also injectable ampoules made by Zambon which are easy to recognise when you buy winstrol online because they were little ampoules with a top that had to be pierced and the logo had a distinctive blue font.

Fake Winstrol is usually offered in very narrow ampoules and not like the ones mentioned earlier. So when you buy winstrol tablets be sure to check the authenticity before you make your purchase.


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